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Bacteria are the biggest players in the global biochemical pathways, yet our knowledge about the extent and complexity of interactions that influence the functioning of natural microbial communities barely scratches the surface. Given their key role in those major ecosystem functions, aiming to understand what shapes microbial diversity and function is therefore crucial for reasons such as conservation and protection of important ecosystem services they provide.

In my doctoral project, I employ theoretical and experimental methods involving axenic and mixed microbial cultures to elucidate how community species interactions affect the functioning, diversity, and evolution of bacteria.

Prof. Dr. Kirsten Küsel 
Prof. Dr. Stan Harpole (UFZ Leipzig, iDiv)
Dr. Martin Taubert



Xenophontos C., Taubert M., Harpole W.S., Küsel K. (2019) Phylogenetic and functional diversity have contrasting effects on the ecological functioning of bacterial communities. bioRxiv preprint 839696. Doi: 10.1101/839696.

Since Oct 2016: PhD felow in the iDiv Doctoral Program (yDiv) at Friedrich Schiller University Jena
Research topic: “Testing Ecological Theories with Microbial Communities”
Supervisors: Prof. Dr. Kirsten Küsel (Institute of Biodiversity), Prof. Dr. Stan Harpole (UFZ, iDiv).

2014-2015: MRes in Ecology, Evolution & Conservation at Imperial College London
Project 1: “Variation in Behaviour and Resistance to Fungal Endoparasites between Closely Related Clones of the Anciently Asexual Rotifer Adineta vaga” (Supervisor: Dr. Christopher Wilson).
Project 2: “Effects and Interactions on Phenotypic Trajectories and Metabolic Activity of Community Bacteria” (Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Timothy Barraclough).

2010-2014: BSc in Biology at University of Hull (UK)
Thesis: “Is Soil Mesofauna Abundance and Diversity Related to Farming Methods?”