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   (Foto: Jan-Peter Kasper/FSU)

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(Foto: Jan-Peter Kasper/FSU)

My doctoral research focuses on understanding and quantifying the role of microbial CO2 fixation in soils and its contribution to soil organic matter formation.

I am currently investigating the vertical dimensions of soil (from the surface to the subsoil) from a range of land use types (including forest, pasture and agricultural soil, and from extreme environments like mofettes) for CO2 fixation by carrying out tracer experiments with isotopically labeled CO2 to measure rates of microbial CO2 fixations in soil microcosms as well as their contribution to soil organic matter formation.

Future research will involve phylogenetic profiling of the CO2 fixing microbial communities from these different soils using molecular approaches (qPCR, 16S rRNA gene high throughput amplicon sequencing), and likewise functional marker genes encoding key enzymes of CO2 fixation pathways. The natural carbon isotopic composition of the different soils will also be determined to investigate the origin and age of the organic matter present, linking the project to the IMPRS-gBGC research focus, the ERC project 14Constraint, and the CRC AquaDiva framework.

Prof. Dr. Kirsten Küsel
Prof. Dr. Susan Trumbore
Dr. Martin Taubert

Since Feb 2017: Doctoral fellow (MPI-gBGC & Friedrich Schiller University Jena)

Jan 2015 - Feb 2016: M.Sc. Cell Biology and Genetics (Environmental Biology). University of Lagos, Lagos State, Nigeria. 
Thesis title: Heavy metals Bioaccumulation by Rhizopus stolonifer and Bacillus megaterium isolated from automobile workshop sites in Lagos State, Nigeria.

Jul 2007 - Nov 2011: B.SC. Microbiology. University of Jos, Plateau State, Nigeria.
Thesis title: Effects of Zymomonas mobilis and Saccharomysces cerevisiae on the physic-chemical properties of palm wine.